Wall of Tears: The Sad Story of this Useless Galapagos Building

The Galapagos Islands are part of the history of humanity: it was on them that British naturalist Charles Darwin observed species that led him to develop the theory of evolution. But the islands also have far less glorious stories involving torture and sadness.

For those who don't know, the Galapagos served to set up Ecuador's penal colonies. As part of the country since 1832 and more than 1000 km from the mainland, the islands were conducive to this type of construction, as prisoners had nowhere to flee. There they worked in agricultural fields, but the poor human conditions generated revolts that led to the temporary closure of these colonies.


The Wall of Tears has become a tourist attraction in the Galapagos

In 1946, shortly after the end of World War II, Ecuador again tried to install penal colonies on Isabela Island. At that time, 300 deserter soldiers were sent there in order to build a wall. The work was very much a slave thing: they took stones from one corner of the island to take to another and stack them.

And the purpose of the wall? NE-NHU-MA !!

The work was so brutal and inhumane that many prisoners died while building the useless wall. The prison colony was closed in 1958, and remains of the building remain standing today. The 100 meters of stacked stones were dubbed the Wall of Tears, so we can always remember the cruelty of its construction.

wall of tears

Wall of Tears is good for nothing


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