Real Life Mutants: Learn the Story of 6 Powerpuff People

At some point in your life, you may have already wanted to be a superhuman and have some kind of power that no one else has. The fact is, this is too distant a dream for almost everyone - or almost because some go beyond what we mere mortals can do. Find out below who these citizens are and what their almost mutating powers are:

6 - The shock

Ma Xiangang is a man capable of contacting bare electric wires without the slightest problem. It all started when his television went bad and he wanted to fix it. During the process, he accidentally touched a bare wire, and what would cause any damage to anyone did absolutely nothing on Xiangang.

He decided to check other types of wiring, with even higher voltages, and found that he is immune to shocks, but this kind of experience can make him more energetic and energetic. Scientists have tested the effects of lightning strikes on Xiangang's body and noted that it supports this type of energy eight times more than the rest of the people. Children, don't try to test if you have that kind of resistance too - chances are not.

5 - Forrest Gump Real Life

If you're one of those struggling to run for a mere 10 minutes at the gym, prepare to be jealous of Dean Karnazes, an American who can run long periods without showing the slightest fatigue. Some of his unassuming achievements include participating in 50 marathons from 50 states on 50 consecutive days. Not to mention, of course, the time he ran 563 kilometers for three days without stopping or sleeping.

Karnazes underwent some exams shortly after the marathons, including checking the CPK, which indicates the damage to the muscles of the body after exercise. To get an idea, a “normal” marathon runner would have CPK indicators around 2, 400 after “just” one marathon; In Karnazes, this number was only 447 after 25 consecutive marathons. That is, your muscles are not damaged by overactivity, and our real-life Forrest Gump is tireless.

4 - Super Memory

Imagine that you have a mission to go to an unfamiliar city, look at everything, notice the smallest details and then draw what you remember. Chances are you will remember some nice detail, but you won't be able to describe and draw everything accurately - unless you're Stephen Wiltshire, who can remember all the details after just a look.

The guy not only remembers everything he saw, but can give the right proportion to all the buildings, buildings, and details perceived by his eagle eyes. He travels the world drawing unknown landscapes and cities. Another curious thing about his incredible photographic memory: Wiltshire doesn't remember the landscapes just at the moment of drawing them; He retains every image in his mind forever, apparently.

If you, who don't even keep your mother's birthday, are wondering how this is possible, know that Wiltshire has a type of autism known as savantism, which features extraordinary memory skills. This type of condition hinders communication between parts of the brain, which causes some areas to be overdeveloped while others fall into the background.

3 - Supermemory, the return

If in the previous case we talked about a person who has an excellent photographic memory, now you will know the story of a man who remembers everything. All the same. We're talking about Kim Peek, who unfortunately died in 2009 but is still considered one of the men with the best memory in the world.

He managed to memorize 12, 000 books and even read two pages at a time, in the layout of one eye reading the left page and the other on the right. Studies have already confirmed that he was able to memorize 98% of all the information he received. His story was the inspiration for the movie “Brothers Meeting”.

The explanation for such an absurd memory as Peek's is the same as in the previous case: He was savant, too, and his brain could hold almost all information.

2 - Iceman

While a lot of people out there come in scarves and gloves at the first sign of the strongest wind, there is the Dutchman Wim Hof, who can practically get undressed in the snow without feeling cold. And if you think this is too absurd, know that the bastard has already climbed Mount Everest in short.

He has participated in bizarre experiments that include being submerged in extremely cold water. In such cases, it was noted that Hof's body temperature practically did not decrease. He explains that he uses meditation to avoid thinking of cold as a threat.

Researchers have investigated his incredible resistance to cold and found that, in fact, he can control his autonomic central nervous system and immune responses with meditation alone, which means that he can even command his body's response to cold. So when a funny guy says cold is psychological, he's probably right.

1 - Half Matrix, Half Kill Bill

We're talking about Isao Machii, a super-reflex Japanese who can do prowess like cutting flying apples. If we consider the speed of some objects thrown at his tricks, we really don't understand how he can do that kind of thing.

Scientists claim that their reflex is actually larger than average and that what works in this case is not vision but another sensory level that can predict movement. This is what happens to a lot of people, especially those who practice some kind of sport - or does Neymar stop and think before kicking every ball that comes to his feet? What sets Machii's other mortals apart is the speed of the objects he can aim at without error.

To make you understand better, watch the video below and check out this superninja's skills. Then tell us your favorite superhuman.