In search of treasures, climber finds crash bodies

Since 1950, curiosity has taken climbers to the French Alps in search of wreckage from Air India Flight 245, which crashed in the Mont Blanc region and killed 48 people, leaving no survivors. In 1966, another accident happened in the same region, when Flight 101 of the same airline crashed into the mountains and killed all 117 individuals on board.

Parts of the two planes were never found, increasing the curiosity of the crowd. In 2014, for example, a group of climbers discovered a metal box stuffed with emeralds, rubies and sapphires valued at approximately $ 810, 000! If the descendants who prove possession of the jewelry are not found, they will be returned to the person who found them.

Discoveries occurred in the Bossons Glacier

Last Thursday (27) aviation climber and collector Daniel Roche thought he might have been lucky but found “just” a piece of one of the planes, plus a hand and the top of a leg in the Bossons glacier. Snow has preserved the remains impressively, even more than 50 years since the last accident.

Roche reported the finding to the authorities, who managed to retrieve the human pieces with the help of a helicopter. Due to the state of conservation, it may even be possible to identify to whom these members belonged - perhaps even two different people, perhaps even in separate accidents!

Hand was found in the glacier