When voting, be careful: taking a selfie in the ballot box gives up to 2 years in jail

Elections are coming and by now you should be well aware of some ground rules, times, and what to take to validate your vote for president, governor, senators, and deputies. But with the advancement of technology and the ubiquity of mobile devices raises some issues we didn't have in previous years. One is if I take a selfie in the ballot box, will I have a problem?

The answer is yes. In fact, doing so can even cause two years of detention. Under electoral law, anyone registering the vote with cameras, camcorders, and cell phones - electronics in general - could be fined up to $ 15, 000 and even arrested.

The law aims to preserve the secrecy of the vote. If this confidentiality is broken, the voter may be detained for up to two years. So for your “electoral glue” keep using the old paper. After using e-Title, leave your tablet or smartphone aside and avoid breaking the law.


It is worth noting that the Superior Electoral Court has no supervisory character. Complaints related to the electoral process are forwarded to the Public Prosecution Service. Rules, including what can and cannot be done during the election period, can be found in the Election Law.


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When voting, be careful: taking selfie in the ballot box gives up to 2 years in jail via TecMundo