NASA admits: 'We have no money to take humans to Mars'

NASA has always commented that its goal was to get humans to Mars by 2030. For that, many technologies have been commented on, plans, and new rocket boosters. However, during the Institute for Aeronauts and Astronauts in the US event, one of NASA's leading figures admitted that the space agency has no money to complete the mission in 2030.

William H. Gerstenmaier, head of the human spaceflight department at NASA, commented as follows: "I do not deliver a date to bring humans to Mars, and the reason for that is really the budget levels we described. With a 2% increase, we don't have the surface systems available for Mars. "

In addition, William said NASA's main challenge would be entry, descent and landing on Mars - and the current budget would not handle it until 2030. NASA previously promoted the Journey to Mars campaign, in addition to Spend good money on building the SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft.

Returning to the moon?

Apparently, NASA's Mars plan is going downhill. So the idea that is coming up is the moon as a destination. It is worth noting that former US President George W. Bush (2001-2009) had the moon as his goal. However, everything was dropped under Barack Obama. Now it seems that things will be discussed again.

"If we find that there is water on the moon, and we want to do more extensive moon operations to exploit it, we have the ability to use Deep Space Gateway to cover a large surface of the moon, " said Gerstenmaier.

Now, if you still expect to see humanity on Mars during your lifetime, the crowd should focus on three points: SpaceX and Virgin, private companies aiming to reach the Red Planet by 2030, or a bigger investment in NASA itself - and fast.