NASA publishes 19,000 hours of audio of mission that took humanity to the moon

NASA has unveiled thousands of hours of Apollo 11 talk this week, the mission that brought humanity to the moon for the first and only time so far. The set of files has been made public in a new way and is freely available on the web.

In all, there are 19, 000 hours of audio, the equivalent of 791 days or 2.1 full years of dialogue between engineers and ground specialists throughout the mission preparation phase, as well as speeches from the astronauts themselves on their journey to the unique Earth's natural satellite, achieved on July 20, 1969.

Apollo 11

Moon trip audios are available on the web.

Among the records is even the famous phrase "a small step for man, a giant step for mankind, " said by astronaut Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11 commander and first human to set foot on the moon - no matter how much. some controversy about what he said exactly.

Anyway, if you have 19, 000 hours left and want to follow the dialogue of one of the most famous space missions of all time, just check it out for free at this link.


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NASA public 19, 000 hours of audio mission that took humanity to the moon via TecMundo