NASA Reveals Amazing Image of Rare Clouds Spotted in New Zealand

The beautiful image you saw above shows a rare cloud formation spotted in New Zealand. Published by NASA, photography is real and has not been edited through specific programs, and may even be a new type of cloud. According to the space agency, despite their threatening appearance, these formations are not indicators of any serious weather event, and usually dissipate without causing storms.

According to NASA, the image shows a cloud type known as Undulatus Asperatus, a name that can be translated as rough or choppy waves. It is a rare and poorly studied formation that has not yet been officially recognized by the World Meteorological Organization, and experts speculate that its appearance may be related to a number of other meteorological formations.

The photo in question was captured in 2005 in the small town of Hanmer Springs, South Island, New Zealand, and the way the sun's rays illuminate the ripples in the cloud causes the incredible effect of light and shadow that can be seen in the picture.