Wrecked ship in the 19th century. XIX reveals rare coin content

Scholars are exploring the North Carolina ship, which sank in 1840, to find out the wreckage. The activity is bringing rare items to the surface that are piquing the interest of collectors and experts. The main item on this list of true treasures are coins of the time, which would have been minted in 1838, and are much sought after by archaeologists and collectors for being so rare.

1838 illustration of the Pulaski ship explosion (Source: Wikimedia / Reproduction)

No one ever died in the sinking of the ship, but all the crew items were left behind, after all, no one had time to take everything to the boat that saved them. As such, all personal items are surfacing now during this search.

Keith Webb, president of Blue Water Ventures International, the company responsible for these findings, says the study goes beyond bringing collector's items, but it helps to understand the society of the time. “This is a small time capsule from the early nineteenth century. To see and understand how society was at that time, how they traveled, what their days were like, there are many clues to discover, ”he said.

In addition to coins, pieces of marble, crockery and brass have been discovered by the team of divers. Parts that are probably part of the ship's construction, revealing even more about every detail of this navigation, well over a century ago.