In this place you can visit sights of 21 countries at once

Have you ever imagined visiting a city that has a park with miniature sights around the world? This place exists and is two hours from Tokyo, Japan, on Tabu World Square, which is basically an architectural park featuring 102 reproductions of world-famous buildings.

The park also has 140, 000 mini people, each measuring about 8 cm high - among them tourists and even burglars! The replicas took five years to complete and were made by Toho Eizo Bijutsu, which is basically the same producer responsible for the original Godzilla films.

The square opened in 1993 and cost nearly $ 125 million - $ 436 million. In the first four months after opening, the theme park had welcomed 1 million visitors and became one of Japan's best-known tourist attractions. There are 21 countries represented, including Japan itself. Check out some of the following photos:

1 - American Zone

Realistic, right?

2 - Thumbnails

Dancing forever

3 - You can get a sense of the proportion

It's all really very small!

4 - Model Train

All very modern

5 - Paparazzi

The price of fame

6 - Woman running in airport


7 - Car Accident

It went bad

8 - Assault on Manhattan


9 - World Trade Center Courtyard

= /

10 - Two temples of Abu Simbel, Egypt


St. Basil's Cathedral, Russia - Parthenon and the Giza Pyramid are close behind!

All together

12 - In Tokyo, St. Peter's Basilica is close to the Eiffel Tower


13 - The Holy Family

In eternal construction


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