It snowed in the Arizona Desert, and the photos are spectacular

It's not every day we see snow in a desert. This rare phenomenon creates unusual scenarios that make anyone's jaw drop. This month, it was the turn of the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico in the United States to be covered in white. And, as expected, the photos are magnificent!

Snow day in the desert! ??? # Arizona #desert #snowday #Southwest

- Cassell Archinuk (@Cassyarch) January 2, 2019

A great wave of cold has swept over the Southwest from the end of last year until early January. During the New Year the famous Sonoran Desert cacti in Arizona began to be covered with snow.

Snow in the Sonoran Desert is such a beautiful and otherworldly sight. #tucson #arizona #sonorandesert #snow

- Arizona Illustrated (@azIllustrated) January 3, 2019

The iconic Grand Canyon and Monument Valley were covered in snow as well.

Snow - in the Grand Canyon of USA
New Years Kicks Off To A Neat Start 2019

- Willi H2O (@ Willi_H2O) January 4, 2019

Typically, the average temperature in the Sonoran Desert in winter is 32 ° C during the day and 20 ° C at night. So snow over there is a very rare situation.

Beautiful roads today #sedona #sedonaarizona #arizona #snow @SedonaAZ @ArizonaTourism

- Veronique Derouet (@vederouet) January 2, 2019

The Sonoran Desert's cacti have a wet blanket of snow on this New Years @NWSTucson @whatsuptucson @TucsonNewsNow @KVOA #desertsnow #cacti #weirdweather @nwas @_NWService #snOMG

- Robyn Dunne (@dunnerightaz) January 1, 2019

Snow in these regions is not unheard of, as is occasional snow in the Sahara and the Atacama Desert - the driest place in the world - full of flowers. With climate change exacerbated, such situations are likely to be increasingly common.