Are Newton and Einstein wrong about the laws of nature?

Would you dare question Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton? Reach either of them - or both - and say, "No time, brother, are you so wrong?" Difficult, isn't it? Especially if you, like me, are well versed in Humanities. But believe me, there's a lot of scientists whose life's job is to prove that these two giants in the history of physics and mathematics were wrong. Or at least incomplete in their theories.

This is because the Theory of Relativity and Newton's Law, which basically explain the "order" of nature and how we are here without tipping over or floating sideways, are considered fundamental laws of nature. But there are those who question that the two physicists might not be completely sure and that their numbers are just random.

Bold, no?

Has anyone managed to say Newton and Einstein? No. Even because such a feat would already have a Nobel prize. However, research that may find that nature is exposed to chaos is in full swing in many parts of the world.

Playing for the universe

To prove this new theory, scientists are searching for answers in the universe, analyzing stars, and looking for variations - even tiny ones - that underlie the incostance in Newton and Einstein's theories.

Even the life of a star is taken into account, as scientists have tried to prove that the evolution of a star's life is not exactly as Newton believed. However, so far, all calculations lead us to believe that all is well with the laws that underlie nature.

Physicists and scientists, however, continue to chaos. The way is to wait to see if any "new" will bump the grandparents of physics. Make your bets.