It's not a coincidence: the similarity between parents and children in 13 photos

It is true that each person is unique and that our particularities only help to create a unique identity, but if we take into account some genetic gimmicks, we realize that when the business is really family, that one-eyed, snout-like thing. another ”can reach scary levels. Here are some pictures of people who are simply EQUAL to the young versions of their parents:

1 - Mother and daughter, both 25 years old in the photo

2 - Father and son: equal ages and clothes

3 - Father and son at 20 years old

4 - Like father, like son

5 - Such a grandfather, such a grandson

6 - Relatively similar, no?

7 - The photos on the left are from 1976 and the right, by this guy's son, from 2012

8 - Extremely similar grandfather and grandson

9 - Mother and daughter

10 - In the first picture, the father is 29 years old and holds his 2 weeks old son

In the second picture, the son is 29 years old and holds his two-week-old son.

11 - Mother and daughter

12. Any resemblance is no coincidence.

13 - Impossible to say that the guy on the right is not identical to the father


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