It's not assembly: 10 creatures you won't believe exist

Nature lives surprising us with its creations. As much for the beauty of animals and plants as for the weird shapes and bizarre appearances of some creatures. In this sense, we here at Mega Curioso can say that we are experts in publications, since we have several lists featuring strange and different animals, such as those you can access by clicking here, here and here.

Well, continuing along the same lines, we now select 10 different or bizarre-looking animals that look like drawings or assemblies from the internet. It is hard to believe that some are real. The list is based on a Cracked site publication. Check it out below:

1. The ugliest fish in the world: lumpsucker

This weird fish lives in the waters of the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans. According to records made about this creature, she is not a good swimmer and, for food, just opens and closes her mouth while floating around where she lives. The name “ lumpsucker ” refers to a “bulging head sucker”. I wonder why?

2. The horse-face stickman

Native to the forests of Peru, this insect has a very nice face. His features seem to be the brainchild of a cartoon producer. Maybe Pixar puts a copy of this animal as a distant cousin of the "Slim" stick in a possible sequel to "Insect Life."

3. The "honorable rooster" of Japan

This breed of oriental chicken has a very peculiar feature. Because there is no change of feathers, they keep growing throughout the life of the animal. This causes some specimens to exceed 3.5 meters in length. Its name in Japan, "onagadori", means "honorable bird" in Portuguese.

4. Fish with human lips

This fish is called Malawi's Blue Dolphin and looks more like a cartoon with human lips. Very popular species for aquarium, can reach over 25 cm and lives up to 10 years.

5. The rosy maple moth

This little moth is native to the forests of North America. As the name suggests, she lives on the tree known as maple ( Acer palmatum ). The pink and yellow rose color also reminds us of something like a Pokémon or even a possible Penelope Charmosa pet.

6. Firefly Squid

This species of mollusk that lives in Japan is one of the most amazing beings on this list. Firefly squid organs are special light producers, and their effect is very interesting. Looking like a blue neon-lit rave party, this animal's breeding season results in beautiful nighttime images at the seashore. The odd thing is that they end up dying soon after the mating ritual.

7. The smallest frog in the world

The pea frog (pea frog) is named after its size, which is similar to the grain of the vegetable. Although their discovery is considered recent, scientists have always known of its existence, but the animal was only recognized as a baby of other species. However, the researchers eventually realized that this frog is already an adult version and grows a maximum of 12.8 millimeters.

8. The angel of the sea ( Gymnosomata )

The sea angels, as they get older, get translucent bodies. In adulthood, then, they reveal a pair of orange organs that occupy almost all of their body space. These organs, in fact, are the testicles of the species. Regardless, the swim and appearance of this animal give us beautiful images. Check it out in the video.

9. The squinting insect

This species is known as the "Cross-Eyed Planthopper" or squinting insect (no need to explain why, right?). She lives in the southwestern United States and Mexico. There is not much information about this animal besides its unusual appearance.

10. The Panda Ant

This species is one of those beautiful and harmless but dangerous - to the same extent. Yes, the name is used because of its resemblance to the panda bear, but unlike the sweet mammals, this wingless wasp variety is not productive at all and only dangerous. They are close cousins ​​to the red ants, which are also known as "cow killers" because of the poison that can kill them.

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