In Brazil, at least 72% of children aged 10-12 have their own cell phone.

In Brazilian families whose parents have a smartphone, 72% of children between 10 and 12 also have their own handset - the other 28% do not, but use their parents. The bicycle is no longer the most desired gift; Now the focus is on the cellphone. This is what the unprecedented Panorama Mobile Time / Opinon Box survey found, which also reveals the habits of Brazilian parents regarding their children's access to smartphones.

We interviewed 545 Brazilian adults who have smartphones and have children from 0 to 12 years old. The interviews were conducted online throughout the month of October. The margin of error is 4 percentage points. “This means a great responsibility for both children and parents who grant such freedom but need to control it closely, ” says Fernando Paiva, editor of Mobile Time.

The study points out that early on Brazilian children are having access to smartphones, either through their parents' devices or their own. On average, 33% of children aged 0-12 have a smartphone; 39% do not have, but use that of their parents; and 28% do not have or use their parents. Only a minority of 7% remain without access, at least at the family level.

kids with smartphones

Access to the digital world happens earlier and earlier

“As for the age of the child, there is a gradual increase in the proportion that has its own smartphone and a decrease in the one that does not have. From 0 to 3 years old, half of the children do not have any access to smartphones, while the other half have, being 41% through their parents' handset and 9% already with their own, oddly enough, ”says Paiva.

In the 4-6 year group, there is a drastic turnaround: a minority of 18% still have no access, while more than half (60%) access via their parents' smartphone, and another 22% already have their device. In the 7 to 9 year old group, for the first time there are more children with their own smartphone (46%) than accessing their parents' (34%), while 20% still do not use smartphones.

In turn, between 10 and 12 years old almost three quarters (72%) of children already have their own smartphone. Another 21% access only through their parents' handset and a minority of 7% remain without access, at least in the family context. Another alarming fact is that only 12% of parents say they have tools to monitor what their 0-12 year olds access on their smartphones. The vast majority (81%) let their children navigate freely without paying attention to the content accessed.

mother and daughter

Most parents do not control content accessed by their children

Bicycle lost space

If children used to order bicycles in the past, now they want smartphones. The device takes the place of toys among the most desired items for kids, even among those who have barely learned to speak. On average, 52% of children aged 0-12 have already ordered a smartphone from their parents. Desire grows with age. Among those up to 3 years old, 28% have already made this request.

In the range of 10 to 12 years, 92% have already ordered a device. The friends of the children are the “culprits”: in the opinion of parents, they are the ones who most influence their children to want a cellphone. TV appears in second place, pointed by 22% of respondents.


The bikes lost space

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