New Airbnb logo looks like something else for those with a malicious mind

The world really is a giant place full of people with a polluted mind. You may have seen the new Airbnb logo, you may not have associated the image with anything different, but perhaps, like 99% of all people who have seen the design of the icon representing the brand, you have seen it a little further.

After all, what is the new Airbnb logo, the company that specializes in renting space (bedroom, house, apartment, kitnet, castle) around the world? It is a bird? An airplane? A female genital organ?

The logo even has a name: Bélo. According to Airbnb the controversial image is actually the result of a merger between the lowercase letter “a”, representing the initial of the company name; of a geolocation pin; and from a heart. So, what do you think of the picture? Anyway, if the idea was to show the brand, with this supposed similarity the company is giving the message.