Hershey's new logo looks like a poop on fire

When a brand decides to change its logo, there is always a risk that the result will not be very positive. If the intention is to make the brand be remembered, Hershey, for example, got it right. Not that the new logo is incredibly interesting, but it eventually got attention for another reason, and here we are, talking about it too.

The company, which has been in existence since 1909, when it was first opened by Milton S. Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA, today produces in conjunction with over 80 individual brands worldwide. More than 13, 000 employees work for the company around the globe just to give you an idea. It is very difficult, therefore, to find a person who has never consumed a Hershey product or who has at least never heard of the brand.


It's normal for big companies to renew their visual identity from time to time, and with Hershey it was no different. The visual modernization of the logo made the image simpler and without much notion of depth. The typography is more sober and the background brown has turned to the font color.

The typical Hershey's Kisses candy was also kept, but it also came to be flattened, almost like a shadow. And that's when the brand gave its talk. After spreading the graphic novelty, the candy's appearance was compared to a “poop on fire” or a “poo coming out warm, ” as some netizens commented on pages like Brand New.


The fact is, if Hershey wanted to draw attention, the goal was successfully completed, though perhaps for the wrong reason. And you, tell us what you think of the visual change of the logo: does it seem or does not look like the candy has become a poop?