Jiu-jitsu's new blow will knock out any champion [video]

This is a combat tactic not seen every day. Eschatological? Can be. Functional? No doubt. The fact is that the subject of the video below took (consciously or not) a maneuver of the most sneaky, the most perverse.

Although he was already getting the better of him, the flatulent fighter in the video below concluded the key in his opponent with an insidious gas emission. “You farted in my face!” Complains the poor bastard - who couldn't even hit the canvas without touching his own vomit.

Anyway, will it be the institution of a new blow, the "key of the buff"? Well, considering the number 32 rule of the blog Itajaí Jiu-jitsu, maybe the thing is not so original: “You will not let go of that flatulence that had been stuck for a long time just when it is suffocating” . Regrettably, Moses seems to have forgotten this.