New quantum teleportation record hits 143 kilometers

(Image source: Reproduction / El Mundo)

According to a news report published by El Mundo, an international team of researchers broke a new world record by performing quantum teleportation at a distance of 143 kilometers.

According to the publication, scientists have transferred the physical properties of a photon between the Terrestrial Optical Station, located on the island of La Palma, and the European Space Agency observatory, located in Tenerife, both belonging to the Spanish Canary Islands archipelago.

Long distance communication

As the researchers explained, the two shipping points are 2, 400 meters above sea level and in a region that has various weather disturbances such as fog, rainfall and sandstorms.

Chinese scientists had been able to send information by this same method 97 kilometers away in August this year, and the intention is to develop this technology to be able to transmit between Earth and orbiting satellites.

Sources: El Mundo and Nature