The impressive moment when a drop of water hits the sand

Have you ever wondered what happens when a small drop of water hits a grainy surface? On the beach, for example, what would be the effect of rain on so much sand?

Using high-speed photography capabilities, students were able to capture in detail the dynamics of drop drop at different accelerations. The research was done by the Department of Chemical Engineering and Scientific Materials at the University of Minnesota.

With the information obtained from the video above, they were able to construct a simple model to describe the morphology of the brand created by raindrop upon reaching a grainy surface. Most surprisingly, they found that the effect had the same energy scale and reproduced a crater identical to that provided by the catastrophic impact of an asteroid crash.

It is interesting to see how the liquid can suck the granulate and group the particles in the center. However, the greater the impact of velocity, the worse the damage to the surface. Now imagine if instead of a drop of rain the object was a comet ... Scary, isn't it?