Bubble wrap as we know it is coming to an end

When you buy something on the internet, the last thing on your mind should be how your product package will be made up. Is it the one that comes in bubble wrap or just in some cardboard box? According to the Wall Street Journal, this first option may have its days numbered.

Basically, packaging with bubble wrap inside should become increasingly rare for several reasons. One is the advent of a more efficient novelty, created by the same inventors of this plastic: the iBubble. Basically, it is a variation that cannot be burst !!! This is because the bubbles are interconnected, and when you press one of them, the air goes to the others. Completely depressing.

Not that young

IBubble is not exactly new, as many companies have already used it to pack their most sensitive products, such as notebooks and other electronics of this size. The difference is that the product is now reaching major US retailers such as Amazon.

Thus, it is only a matter of time before the Brazilian competitors of this company will do the same, if they do not. And the reason for switching from one to the other is quite plausible. IBubble is far more efficient in the “storage” issue. Manufacturers can retail rollers and rollers of this plastic without air-filled bubbles. They are then filled only when they will be used in some package.

Transporting this material is much cheaper, and online retailers can save a lot of space in their warehouses, which are increasingly crowded with products. There are still some downsides to iBubble style plastics, such as the work of filling them straight into warehouses and the need for expensive equipment, but the space savings seem to offset these cons.

Basically, in a while we will be unable to have the good surprise of finding real bubble wrap in our orders. There are those who say that this is all our fault, because of the desire to always have free shipping and deliveries in record time.

Via TecMundo.