What is this purple ball found at the bottom of the sea?

The seabed is still a mystery to humanity: who knows what we might find there? How many species are still unknown? How many secrets and revelations?

While on land, a team of marine biologists scoured the ocean floor along the Southern California coast and came across something curious: a glowing purple ball.

Scientists from the Ocean Exploration Trust team found the organism through a camera attached to a submarine that is supposed to study corals. But the new discovery has thrilled the team, which it has yet to identify, but suspects that the glowing sphere is a marine invertebrate called tunicate, from the phylum Chordata.

What will that be?

However, not everyone has the same guess: In the video you can hear one of the researchers saying that they have no idea what it is and can't even risk a guess. Another believes that the creature is actually a kind of sea spider egg sac - better not to touch it!

With a suction tube, the researchers collected the material for study. We can only wait for the news of the case.

What do you think is this purple ball?