What worse can happen to a pressure cooker?

Pressure cookers are present in almost all kitchens and as much as we are aware of the possible danger they pose, they are still present in these environments - and in some cases it is really necessary to make use of this type of pan, while in others it is expendable. It is no exaggeration to say that these utensils can turn into real homemade bombs (rare but true), so be careful.

First, if the pressure cookers are not properly sealed, water from whatever is cooking inside can be spilled out due to the internal heat of the appliance, which can cause serious problems for those around. Water boils at 100 ° C, however, inside the sealed object, there is no way this occurs, and temperatures rise much more and in a short time.

If you turn off the cooker safety valves (something that should never be done!), It is also possible that other unpleasant things will happen, as more dangerous pressures can be attained - of course these events also depend on the type of utensil you have. It has. For a school experiment where a pressure cooker really explodes, watch the video below:

When the valves have a manufacturing defect or damage due to time of use, the internal pressure of the pan will rise immensely as there is no flow for all this heat.

In this way, temperatures and forces capable of breaking the pan walls originate, causing the object to explode. Thus, boiling jets of water are expelled everywhere and, of course, pieces of pot (which can even kill someone with the degree of strength they reach). So you already know, watch out for safety procedures and make sure your pan is in good condition regularly.