What your taste in music says about you and how it can improve your life

Who would say that behind the headphones may be the solution to stress, the pain medicine, and even the secret to finding love? A lot of people don't even realize it, but music can do that and more for our lives.

And the good news is that most of the time it doesn't matter what kind of music you are listening to, as long as the song pleases your ears and your heart. Classical, post-rock, country, experimental, funk, electronic, samba, pop - all genres can contribute to our daily lives.

And because the influence of music may be greater than we think, researchers are constantly seeking to understand what the effects of songs are on our health and behavior. In this regard, the experts concluded that:

  • Your musical taste says a lot about you, including your political preferences;
  • His musical taste was influenced by his parents;
  • You have chosen your favorite song because it is associated with an intense emotional experience of your life;
  • The music you enjoy at age 20 will probably be the one you will take for life.

In addition, TIME magazine has surveyed a number of scientific studies that prove the many benefits of listening to music. Be sure to check it out!

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1. Music relieves stress

Do you know those CDs with nature sounds or soft instruments that were made especially to promote relaxation ?! Yeah, they work. But a study has shown that classical music also works to relieve stress, being more effective and quicker than being silent, for example.

2. Music improves performance

For some obscure reason, we often consider anger to be a bad feeling and associate it with negative things only. However, a study of gamers found that those who listened to songs expressing anger while playing could score better. This is because anger makes us focus on the outcome, increases persistence, gives us a sense of control and makes us more optimistic about the goals to be achieved.

3. Music Lessens Pain

When no medicine works, how about playing your favorite song? Research has shown that music that pleases us significantly increases tolerance and control over pain, as well as decreasing anxiety compared to a condition of silence.

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4. Music contributes during exercise

If you're one of those who doesn't work out without headphones, be aware that following your taste in music can be much more productive when it comes to running, working out or playing a sport. One study found that people who hear only what they like at the gym can increase the distance from high-intensity pedaling, while others only report discomfort during the activity.

5. Music helps in love

No one here doubts that a special song can help create that romantic mood, right ?! But what about those who don't have a love yet? Because the secret is also in music, as research suggests that women are more likely to pass their phone to a man after listening to romantic music.

6. Music saves lives

In emergency cases, if a person needs cardiopulmonary resuscitation, it is important to know how often the massage should be performed. To do so, Dr. John Hafner of the University of Illinois School of Medicine used Bee Gess 'classic Stayin' Alive to teach his students the right time to perform the procedure and within weeks, they improved their skills and became more confident in what they were doing.

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7. Music Can Improve Your Work

Listening to music while working is still a subject that divides opinions. Studies have shown that the presence of music may decrease productivity, disrupt reading and affect memory, but on the other hand, it has a positive emotional impact. For those who advocate for music in the workplace, songs would contribute to creativity, and those with positive lyrics are able to make people collaborate more and feel more useful.

8. Music boosts IQ

There is ample evidence that music has a direct effect on human intelligence. However, one study states that listening to classical music can enhance brain activity. One experiment revealed that students who attended a performance with classical music in the background would do better on an assessment than those who simply attended the lecture.

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9. Music can make you better

A study of 8 to 11 year olds over a year showed that little ones became more compassionate people because they began to develop emotional intelligence. In Venezuela, compulsory music classes at school resulted in a reduction in crime and fewer dropouts by students.

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If you would like to check out details of the scientific studies, be sure to check out the TIME website, but first go through the comments and tell us a little about the influence music has on your life.

* Posted on 17/03/2014