The hard training to be a flight attendant in China

The flight attendant profession is perfect for those who are fascinated by heights and want to meet new people and places around the world. To enjoy all the advantages career offers, however, stakeholders need to go through an intense period of training.

In China, the training that men and women receive includes activities we never imagined would be on their curriculum: from classes on how to smile correctly to potential terrorist immobilization techniques, is one more unusual than the other. Here are some:

1. Perfect smile

At Chengdu Civil Aviation School - a city in central China, 1.2 miles from Beijing - future flight attendants receive instructions on how to smile properly during office hours. To do so, young women need to hold pencils between their teeth and magazines on top of their heads.

Perfect smile

2. Training the posture

Candidates also need to exercise posture: for 3 minutes, they stand still, just balancing water bottles over their heads.

Training the posture

3. The correct position of the legs

The preparation is not limited to the upper limbs of the body; Proof of this is this exercise in which aspirants must hold sheets of paper between their knees. The goal, according to the instructors, is to have the girls memorize the correct position of the legs while standing still.

correct the legs

4. Security Issue

In training, security tactics are as relevant as the appearance of future flight attendants. For this, martial arts teachers - such as Kung Fu and Taekwondo - are also seen in the prep school classrooms.

Security issue

5. Outdoor Class

It sounds like training a platoon of soldiers, but it's just an open-air class of flight attendant course. The intention of the training is to improve the attack strength when defending against possible body fights during the flight.

Outdoor class

6. Immobilizing the suspect

One of the most important parts of safety training is learning to counteract the onslaught of a criminal or even a terrorist - without jeopardizing, of course, the lives of the crew and passengers on board.

Immobilizing the suspect

7. Opposite Sex

Although they are the majority, not only women attend the course offered by the Chengdu Civil Aviation School: men are also among its staff.

Opposite sex

8. Elegance and coolness

As you have seen, not only good education is made a flight attendant. Behind the gentle smile are people who show confidence and readiness to meet the demands of the aircraft's passengers and crew.

Elegance and coldness