Lady Gaga's Top 10 Grammy Memes 2016

Lady Gaga did not win any gramophone, but it was one of the highlights of the 2016 Grammy Awards, which took place this Monday (15) in Los Angeles (USA).

The singer paid tribute to David Bowie, icon of the song that died in early January after fighting cancer.

Although the presentation has been well praised, we are talking about Lady Gaga and that is synonymous with memes and comparisons on the internet.

1. She was called the lead singer of the band Paramore

2. Did she hide the Righteous Sword in Thundera's Eye?

3. One troll compared Gaga to another troll. #Inception

4. Magneto likes this

5. And there we go ...

6. Abracadabra

7. Gaga Beats

8. She owns the game. #RearDaily

9. Oh, fear!

10. Talk good or talk bad, but talk about me!


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