The 10 Most Unnecessary User Types in WhatsApp Groups

If you're in groups on WhatsApp (or Telegram, WeChat, or any other messenger), you've probably seen some behaviors bordering on unbearable. We have elected here in TecMundo's newsroom the 10 worst types of group users and it is never too much to remember that if you have never witnessed such a thing, it is likely to be you (kidding ... Or not).

1. What sends unsolicited pornography

This is a classic that has existed since the age of e-mail groups: the trickster who sends out unsolicited porn, when he doesn't send anything illegal, like leaked nudes. In the latter case, in addition to warning the participant of their inconvenience, it is also worth reminding them that sharing intimate photos without consent is a crime.

2. What sends the same thing in all groups

Another behavior inherited from the time when emails were the main electronic communication tool, spammers are also here. And in addition to sending a Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V shamelessly, the situation becomes aggravating when you split more than one group with it and need to stumble several times with the same default message.

3. What cuts off other people's affairs

Everyone talking about something, and from the bottom of it, a group member arrives and cuts off the general subject to talk about a "problem" that concerns no one else but himself. Don't be such people or at least send the infamous "sorry to cross your talk" to be polite.

4. What sends audio in the middle of text discussion

The discussion is on and everyone gives their opinion by text until the "audio freak" arrives and drops that little file a few minutes long to give their opinion. The listening rate for this type of audio is probably quite low, so try to keep your text conversations as long as possible.

5. What sends false or old news

Those who like unnecessary controversy often adopt the style of sending messages with fake or old news (which, depending on the context, can have the effect of fake news ). Family groups in WhatsApp are the main entry points for fake news, so keep your composure and avoid letting that content out.

6. What sends current

Another behavior inherited from email, the chain spreader is also present in WhatsApp. In addition to coming full of dubious background and content, he is also a master of the art of disrupting group conversations through the conversations of others with the current message.

7. Those who can't type in one message

You know
Who writes
Like this?
Do not be
This person.

8. What changes group name to joke

Someone in the group started dating, and there goes some smart guy change his name to "Tinder So-and-So" or something to make a good joke. If you are over 15 years old, this may not be very appropriate behavior. The same applies to any change of group name for attention-grabbing purposes and to try to placate your own neediness.

9. What says "left"

One more needy guy who populates WhatsApp groups is the one who tries to “play a trick” on everyone and sends the message “Out” so everyone thinks someone has just left the group. Seriously, it's about time to get over this kind of behavior.

10. The dictator admin

You may have already come across a type of administrator who uses the group to exude all their tyranny. He is the sole admin and does not consult anyone before expelling a member, even temporarily, imposing his rules without any appeal for democracy and good coexistence.

So what other types of group users annoy you the most? Write it in the comments!

The 10 Most Unnecessary User Types in WhatsApp Groups via TecMundo