The 5 Most Common Dreams and Nightmares We All Have

You already checked this week here at Mega Curious about the weird sleep disturbances that exist. Now, it is the turn of dreams and nightmares that we have, more precisely the most common ones, that occur to most people.

While many are based on personal experiences, there are some that reveal great similarities to those that haunt most people during REM sleep. These dreams and nightmares are practically universal and are usually triggered by some anxiety or situation the person is going through. Check out below what are the five most common (bad) dreams and nightmares of mankind.

5 - Teeth Falling: Worries in Life

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You may have probably dreamed that your teeth were falling out, sticking out one by one or even all at once accumulating in your mouth. A very bad dream and totally distressing, isn't it? This is one of those that many people around the world have.

There are beliefs that this dream is related to death. However, it can be recurring when the person is very stressed or worried about a situation. Even those who have no problem in life can have this dream, which has no premonitory meaning.

In 1958, American Anthropologist magazine published an article entitled "The Universality of Typical Dreams: Japanese Against Americans." There was a study of how the similarities between the dreams of these two populations were evident, and an equivalent percentage of each confirmed that they dreamed of their teeth falling.

4 - Unprepared for a test or interview: high anxiety

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Who has never found himself sitting in a wallet with proof in hand knowing nothing at all in a dream? Of course this can happen in real life as well, but usually, in this nightmare, the situation is even worse, involving proof of your life, a decisive college entrance exam or even a job interview that you have not prepared for in the slightest bit. .

And the agony continues with time passing, you sweating, a few minutes to end and finally you failed! Or you try to get to the venue and the gates and doors close. Everything goes wrong. This is one of the most common nightmares about personal and professional fulfillment, which tends to plague people who are experiencing anxiety and insecurity in testing and selection processes.

Falling From a Great Height: Fear of Losing Control

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A free fall from a building, a cliff or even an airplane. Who has never had this dream? We often wake up in a scare as we fall to the ground. Even if you don't wake up, the dream often changes quickly to another scenario before the fall.

Scholars say that this dream is one of the main ones reported by people who are seeing their life out of control, whether in the personal, professional or financial area.

2 - Getting Arrested: Wrong Choices

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When things are not going well, you see that you have made some wrong choices and feel trapped in a life you never wanted, your subconscious can manifest in dreams. One of the most common dreams for people in these situations is that they will find themselves trapped in a chain or tied up, gagged, locked in a windowless room with no chance of letting go.

1 - Public Nudity: Vulnerability and Fear

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Have you ever dreamed that you were naked in a square in your town, at a party, at the supermarket, at the beach in the middle of the crowd, at the college diner or even in the classroom? This is very common and can often come with the “bonus” of being combined with the dream of the exam you didn't study!

According to scholars, dreaming that you are totally undressed really means that you are vulnerable and afraid of being revealed as a fraud, showing yourself as you really are to society, being really stripped or even unmasked.

And you, tell us, what is your most recurring dream or nightmare?