The 7 Best Xiaomi Appliances

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is well known for its smartphones and wearebles, but in addition to them the brand also has an extensive range of very high-tech, super-tech appliances. With that in mind, we've put together a list of some of the most interesting to make your routine more efficient.

As Chinese Black Friday is coming (every November 11th), it's good to be on top of what's new on Chinese shelves to know which product to choose.

1. Smart vacuum cleaner

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The days are getting longer and no one deserves to spend their free time cleaning the house, right? In addition, having a good time sweeping and vacuuming not only tires but can also bring pain. For reasons like these, every house should have a smart vacuum cleaner like this one from Xiaomi.

The robot works like this: you turn it on, do your thing, and meanwhile it keeps cleaning the house for you. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? In fact, you don't even have to be home. Through the app installed on your phone, you can ask it to dust off the floor while you are on the street, at work, at the market or anywhere, which makes your routine much more practical.
All this is possible because the robot maps the house and is cleaning each section, even managing to avoid obstacles. If you are still in doubt, see what the buyer has been talking about:

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  • Buy on AliExpress for $ 499

  • Buy at Banggood for $ 499

2. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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If you need something more robust, this cordless handset is a great choice. With it you can clean not only the floor but also the sofa, the car and hard-to-reach corners.

In addition to being comfortable to use and fit very well by hand, the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner comes with a variety of accessories that reach places other products can't reach, allowing for a deeper cleaning.

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With a very strong suction (20, 000Pa) and a battery that lasts an average of 1 hour, the manufacturer's promise is that it can filter out 100% of the dirt. Another very positive point is that the prediction of mite elimination is on average 99%. It's worth checking out what this multipurpose vacuum cleaner has to offer. It is available on major Chinese websites, and of course at a very good price.

  • Buy at Banggood for $ 291

3. Security Kit

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Want to make your home or apartment safer? So this kit is perfect for you. It comes with various gadgets such as motion sensor, door and window sensor, smart switch, alarm, among others. This all connects via a Multipurpose Gateway. In addition, it has a powerful speaker that sounds alarms that can wake up to neighbors.

Best of all, you control everything from your mobile phone: you enable and disable functions from your smartphone and still receive messages if something unexpected is happening where the kit is installed.

But does not stop there. Xiaomi also offers several devices that are compatible with the kit, enhancing the functions of your smart home. The sheer amount of options and product quality has made many customers happy, especially those who need security mechanisms to feel more comfortable. Just look at the amount of positive reviews the product has received:

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  • Buy on AliExpress for R $ 266

  • Buy at Banggood for R $ 315

4. Soundbar

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This bar is for those who want to have that sound worthy of cinem in the living room. With 8 powerful speakers, the sound is high quality and the connection can be made via Bluetooth or auxiliary cable. In addition, it has a clean and beautiful design that will add a sophisticated touch to the decor of your environment. Not to mention that her price is excellent (and will get even better on Chinese Black Friday). See the evaluation of who already has one:

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  • Buy on AliExpress for R $ 388

  • Buy at Banggood for $ 191

5. Xiaomi Pro 300M 2.4G WiFi Amplifier

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If you have problems with WiFi signal range or if there are a lot of dropped connections depending on where you are in your home, this amplifier is the best choice to solve the problem. The device comes with two high power antennas, which allows the signal to expand more intensely in a larger space. It has 300Mbps transmission speed and can support up to 64 devices. You can find this producer right now on the Gearbest website at an unbelievable price. See the evaluation of those who already bought:

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  • Shop at Gearbest for $ 21

6. Intelligent light fixture

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The Yeelight LED luminaire will make you change your lighting concepts. To give you an idea, this model has 4 modes: reading mode, focus mode, child mode and PC mode. Each designed to meet specific needs.

Like other products already mentioned here, you can also control it by smartphone through an application, which makes everything very practical and customizable. It is also worth highlighting its design, which is elegant, clean and does not generate heat like traditional light fixtures. The satisfaction is so great that your rating is very high, as you can see below:

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  • Buy at Gearbest for R $ 350

7. Automatic Toothbrush

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The latest product on our list is a great tool for those looking for convenience and convenience even when brushing their teeth. Soocas X3 is extremely fast and ensures more effectiveness in maintaining healthy teeth. It is ideal for parents who want their children to keep their teeth clean.

  • Buy on AliExpress for $ 20

Now that you know the best home appliances, stay tuned to Chinese Black Friday (November 11) for even lower prices!

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