The Effects of Marijuana on Your Body and Your Brain

When we talk about marijuana, the discussion often revolves around its decriminalization, the user, the fact that the drug is "cheap" and, of course, the hunger that goes on, the good old larica. In general terms, we know that smoking the herb makes the mind travel, sometimes gives sleep and can also promote intense bouts of laughter.

Now when it comes to the specific action of marijuana in various areas of the body, let's face it: we don't know very well how the drug works. Business Insider summarized the whole thing in a very didactic way; If you are curious about this, check out the following:

1 - In the brain

Marijuana temporarily changes the way the brain processes information, so use can mess up your memories. THC, which is the substance responsible for the main effects of the plant, can cause feelings of euphoria as it causes the brain to release dopamine, which is a hormone that gives us a feeling of well-being.

And since marijuana affects many brain areas, especially those that process what we hear and see, it can cause hallucinations as well, even if it's less frequent.

2 - In the eyes

Marijuana causes our blood vessels to expand, so it is common to have red eyes after smoking.

3 - In the heart

Shortly after smoking the drug, our heart may have an increased heart rate - between 20 and 50 heartbeats per minute. This effect can last from a few minutes to up to 3 hours.

4 - In the stomach

The drug does make you hungrier and more eager to eat - so it is indicated in some countries for patients with cancer or another appetite-suppressing disease. In the case of cannabis, the person who smokes usually tastes the food more intensely as well, so it is really hard to avoid attacking the ice cream pot in the fridge or creating amazing kitchen specialties.

5 - In psychological terms

Marijuana can trigger anxiety attacks and panic attacks, especially in those who smoke too much. The drug, in heavy and frequent smokers, can cause addiction as well.

After smoking, it is common for the person to feel unbalanced, as the drug affects brain regions that coordinate issues of balance, motor coordination, posture and notion of time.


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