Listen to 'Africa', hit by Toto band, played by 64 floppy disk drives

One of the most striking musical phenomena of the early 1980s is back. But it comes along a very unexpected path. The song Africa is a composition recorded by rock group Toto in 1982. The following year, the hit was already emerging with a significant presence on the Billboard charts. And now it's back, but playing from a set of floppy disk drives that play the song while they're in sync.

Behind The Floppotron Gears

The floppy disk drive set capable of playing the melody of Africa is named after The Floppotron. The responsible behind the project is the Polish Pawel Zadrozniak. The creator of the musical instrument states on his website that the general system was coded by himself in Python 2.7 during some boring university classes.

Because of this informality at the base of the project, the principle is not organized, quite the contrary, but capable of operating all the necessary gears and obtaining the result we see in the video. Yes, because the main means of publicizing the result of the machine in operation is the channel that Pawel maintains on YouTube.

In the video, you can see the small orchestra consisting of 64 floppy drives (also called drive), 8 hard drives and 2 scanners. The sound obtained is the result of the engine operation of the equipment. Because of this sound feature, even if Toto's music is clearly recognized and something in the end result can be associated with Yacht Rock style, the reproduction presents the expected aspects of industrial noise.

The Floppotron Repertoire

Before the release of "Africa", other well-known songs, such as "Born to be Wild", "Sweet Dreams", the theme song from the movie "Ghostbusters" and, more recently, the theme song, have already gone through Floppotron. from the "Game of Thrones" series.

Listen to 'Africa', hit by Toto band, played by 64 floppy disk drives via TecMundo