Dinosaur eggs are found intact in Minas Gerais

Dinosaurs fascinate us and no wonder. While we already know a great deal about them, there is still much to unravel about the ancient inhabitants of the planet. Therefore, any material that refers to huge reptiles is valuable and important in helping us understand them.

Here at Mega Curioso, we already reported that Chechens said they had found the largest dinosaur eggs on the planet and also talked about the ones found in China. Now, this week, the news is that two specimens of eggs, from the time when these great animals reigned here, were discovered in the region of Uberaba, Minas Gerais.

The two spheres of just under 15 cm were delivered to the office of the National Department of Mineral Protection (DNPM) of Belo Horizonte, which is responsible for taking care of all the country's fossil heritage. The donation was anonymous and it is not known when they were found, but according to the donor himself, the two items were discovered in a limestone quarry located 30 km east of Uberaba, in the Ponte Alta neighborhood.

Dinosaur eggs recovered in Uberaba would be 70 million years ago

In Peirópolis, a district of the city of Minas Gerais, are some of the richest dinosaur fossil deposits in the country. It is there that is located the museum of the Federal University of the Triangle Mineiro (UFTM), to whom DNPM announced the assignment of eggs found.

The fossil region

Regarding location, Luiz Carlos Borges Ribeiro, UFTM geologist, states that anonymous information about the items is probably correct. The Uberaba region is the only region in the country to date that has found intact eggs from these ancient animals.

However, as already mentioned throughout the text, it is not known when these eggs were discovered and, according to him, may have been several decades ago. Due to the fossil richness characteristic of the region, it is believed that many important items have been lost over time due to the omission of findings by quarry officials in the region. This was because they feared the authorities' embargo on limestone extraction if they informed the location of the findings.

Egg Info

Possibly, the fossils discovered are 70 million years ago, near the end of the existence of dinosaurs on Earth. It seems that they are from a species of titanosaurus, gigantic herbivorous animal and quadruped with a long neck. In the region, many species like this have already been discovered, the largest of which was over 20 meters from head to tail.

Titanosaurus replica exposed in Peirópolis, Uberaba-MG district

Only the recovery of these items is already considered a great stroke of luck by the researchers, however they hope that embryo remains are still inside the eggs. To find out, they will subject the fossils to CT scans. In addition, a chemical analysis of the elements present in the shell should be performed. This should indicate information such as the temperature at which they were hatched and the environment in which they were placed.

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