Largest Face Transplant Patient in History Makes New Appearance

Recently, we here from Mega Curioso posted a story - you can access it through this link - in which we talked about the disclosure of new details about the most extensive face transplant performed so far. As we explained, the procedure took place about a year ago in the US, and transformed the life of firefighter Patrick Hardison, whose face was completely destroyed when fighting a fire in 2001.

This is Patrick Hardison before the transplant, during his recovery and how he is now

In the accident, the flames did not merely disfigure Hardison's face: they consumed his ears, eyelids, lips, almost full nose, all hair and facial hair. As a result, in addition to avoiding public exposure because of his appearance, the firefighter was unable to drive or sleep properly due to lack of eyelids, had difficulty breathing, eating and communicating.


In August last year, Hardison received the face of a donor, a 26-year-old named David Rodebaugh who was brain dead after a bicycle accident. Luckily, everything went well and the transplant was a real success. Also, in the previous article here from Mega Curioso, we posted a series of footage of the procedure, including one that showed the progress of Hardison's recovery until - probably - the beginning of this year.

Hardison with family during a trip to Disney - he's the charming boy in the hat and sunglasses

And now, a year later, new images of the firefighter finally rejoining life in society with his new face have come out again. In fact, the result is unique! The only feature that perhaps delivers the fact that the face is not naturally yours is the eyes, which look slightly "sad". See how amazing:

Hardison currently

According to Harding, he still has a slight pain and tingling in his face, but has already managed to reduce the amount of drugs, which used to be 15 pills in the morning and 15 at night, to six in the morning and only four at the end of the day. The firefighter also said that he can sleep much better - and that people no longer stare at him when he is in public.

New life

Hardison's eyesight also improved dramatically, since before the transplant he had no eyelids and could only see through small openings that greatly limited his field of vision. Since the surgery, he has done six or seven "touches" to better adapt his face, and should undergo another procedure soon to adjust his forehead and eyebrows. That is, Hardison's appearance will become increasingly "normal".

And why shouldn't he feel "normal"? Look at him now!

According to the transplant doctors, Harding has not shown any sign of rejection so far - a common complication in such procedures. In addition, the new eyelids restored his ability to blink and preserve his vision, not to mention that the surgery consisted of the most extensive facial soft tissue transplant ever performed. See more images of Hardison in the following gallery:

Walking anonymously down the street

During a medical check up

Good with a friend

Dining with the family

Checking the cellphone