Dad charges $ 120 for people to hug his son

Earlier this month, he teased the story of a father who had to pay $ 39.35 (just over $ 120) to be able to hold his child on his lap soon after the baby was born.

After the caesarean section, a nurse offered her father the "skin-to-skin" procedure, which consists of holding the newborn in direct contact with the chest, which has a number of health benefits for the child. According to the hospital, this is a new procedure and requires the presence of a nurse on site during the gesture of the father, so it has cost.

The amount charged became a joke and now the father is trying to take advantage of the situation. He advertised one of his son's T-shirts on Reddit: instead of "Free Hugs", she bears the inscription "Hugs $ 39.35"

Sensational, huh? The child is already born as a trolling master.