Pantone Releases Color Chart for Winter 2013

Some of the fall 2013 colors. Credit: Press Release - Pantone

With the start of the international parade season for winter 2013, Pantone, the global color authority, unveiled the color chart that promises to be successful on cold days. And as the institute's executive director, Leatrice Eiseman, pointed out, the palette allows for versatility and experimentation in the station's looks.

The colors that stand out in winter are quite varied and can give rise to productions of different styles. This is because the characteristic dark shades of winter are present, but they come with brighter shades such as pink, purple and orange.

More fall colors. Credit: Disclosure - Pantone

“Just as the leaves change in the fall, the consumer will be able to take the opportunity to transform her look and try a new style for her wardrobe, ” exemplified the director.
In all, 10 colors promise to take in the winter collections:

  • Emerald - voted the color of the year, this green brings luxury and elegance to the palette;
  • Linden Green - a lighter variation of green with a yellow background that can be a point of light amidst the closed colors of the season
  • Mykonos Blue - Intense blue that can yield more classic looks. It matches the two shades of green mentioned above;
  • Acai - purple that adds the touch of richness to the color chart;
  • Samba - red that can be combined with Acai;
  • Koi - the orange, which hit the 2012 Tangerine Tango version, continues to rise in the fall, this time in a lighter shade;
  • Vivacious - deep pink to create sexy looks;
  • Deep Lichen Green - Closer green that matches the trend of militarism this season;
  • Turbulence - dark gray that fits most of the colors of the fall 2013 chart;
  • Carafe - Intense brown that can be a good alternative to traditional black.

For those who still have questions about how to combine these colors in the season, Pantone has invited renowned designers to create looks using the color chart. Check out the productions in the gallery: