Serious talk: when and how should we end a friendship?

Human beings are social creatures that need interaction, attention and affection. These needs are often met with friendships, and when we call someone a friend, we cannot imagine our life without that person.

Unfortunately, that's not always what happens, and who you were sure would always be by your side may turn out to be the individual you feel you need to get away from. It's sad? Much. Does it happen? Much too, so the way is to learn to recognize what kind of friendship we need to eliminate and figure out how to do that.

One of the reasons that most justify the need to put an end to a friendship is undoubtedly some misuse of character. When someone asks or accepts you to do something very wrong, it is better to pay attention. True friends do not want you to compromise your integrity under any circumstances.


The definition of what is wrong and immoral, however, is not always clear to us, and to be aware of it one must know how to interpret attitudes - something immoral is that which goes against a set of values ​​and commitments.

When your friend makes an immoral request to you, that is, when he asks you to lie about something, for example, it is a warning, because once you do, he will possibly make other requests. The same is true when you talk about some bad desire you have felt, and instead of advising you to do otherwise or to think cautiously, your friend encourages your inappropriate behavior.

If your friend asks you to hurt a person's life, either by spreading gossip or participating in some more elaborate plan, you need to understand that he is basically asking you to do the dirty work and, by the way, that be responsible for something wrong. Again: Cilada, Bino.

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Now, if your friend has behavior that not only harms himself, but ends up affecting others, you need to realize that sometimes withdrawal is necessary for your own good. Let's say this person uses some kind of illicit drug and shows no interest in quitting - is it worth the risk of being with her?

It's hard to deal with friendships that are valuable to us, especially if the other person knows this and ends up emotionally blackmailing or charging you for some things you don't have to do. Friendship is not a charge.

In order not to break the friendship abruptly, the ideal is to let it die slowly, reducing the social interaction between you and your friend. With the gradual loss of contact, people learn to live without each other.

It's bad, but it happens

Not creating enmity is critical, too, because hostile and aggressive behavior never does us good. Always think of protecting your integrity and health and do not fall into the temptation to take revenge or seek ways to harm the other person.

It is important that you are mature so that other mutual friends do not end friendship with that same person too - avoiding gossip is a great thing.

Ending a friendship is never easy, even because it involves high emotional tensions and feelings of loss. Accepting that this can happen, however, is a way to learn how to deal with life's setbacks and, in some situations, to preserve your image and integrity.