To celebrate divorce, woman sets fire to her wedding dress

When a relationship comes to an end, there are countless ways to look at it: happiness, depression, drunkenness, isolation, and so on. There is no secret formula for going over the top on these occasions, even though some couples can take this event out of hand and even celebrate the decision together.

But if you can't celebrate with the now former partner, how about being happy on your own? Texan Briana Barksdale was married for two years to a guy who she said cheated on her several times and was violent. In addition, the man was also responsible for stealing her relatives, a crime for which he got seven years of probation. He will also have to do community service during this time.


"Happy" day: Briana thought her wedding would be a bed of roses

Since the divorce was expensive and painful, Briana decided to sell some house items in order to recover the money invested in the separation. She made a garage sale to get rid of various objects that resembled her now ex-husband, and in the end decided to do something more radical: burn her own wedding dress as a way to sacrament this phase of her life.

“I got rid of everything that was 'ours' to just what was 'mine', ” explained newly divorced Briana. The papers were signed on January 31 and now the woman wants to enjoy her new life.

fire in dress

Really Happy Day: Briana Celebrates End of Divorce