For the strong: would you attend a dinner followed by anatomy class?

Do you think you would have the stomach to attend an anatomy class - where real organs are dissected and manipulated before your eyes? If you think you could handle a good one, then what do you think of witnessing that same experience in a restaurant after stuffing yourself with a nice dinner? You agree that one thing doesn't go well with the other, and the idea sounds gruesome, right?

Well, according to Warren Manger, from the Mirror portal, this is the proposal of a pathologist named Sam Piri, who created the Anatomy Lab Live initiative. The event begins with a dinner that includes baked salmon served with baked potatoes and other greenbacks, drizzled with good wine, followed by apple pie or "Eton Mess" - a dessert consisting of strawberries served with meringue and whipped cream - and finished. with an anatomy class to stimulate digestion .

Macabre dinner

According to Warren, after the diners finish dinner, the plates are taken away, the hall turns into an anatomy lab with the pull of a curtain, and the show begins. In the middle of the room, an inert body covered with a sheet lies on a metal stretcher, and Sam, dressed in surgical gowns, steps in exposing the corpse - fake, whew! - which will be used during class.

The body may be a simple dummy, but the organs inside it are for real! Although not human, Sam uses pig organs - which are practically the same as ours - and begins his lesson by extracting his lungs and heart and showing it off to the curious "students."

Then the pathologist dissects these and other organs in front of the public, explains their functioning, demonstrates - he, for example, inflates a lung with a tube like a balloon - and parades among those with viscera in their hands for those who want to give. a closer look. If you are not the impressionable type, you can see the display with the following lungs:

Morbid curiosity

According to Warren, the idea of ​​creating Anatomy Lab Live came up while teaching biology to children, and noted that students had a great time when they had to handle the organs of animals. So he went after all the permits he needed to be able to teach his show-classes, and today performs for about 100 people per event.

The gang gathered around the dummy

The "setting" consists of an old pathology room that was part of a hospital in Sheffield, England, which was rebuilt in a hall of the Village Hotel de Sulihull, near Birmingham. The organs are supplied by various abattoirs in the area, and anyone who wants to get their hands dirty just put on a pair of gloves and make yourself comfortable!

Show-class participant

Interestingly enough, Sam's classes are so successful that Sam has started organizing performances in various British cities such as Manchester, London, Blackpool and Cornwall. By the way, tickets for most of the performances scheduled during the first half of the year are already sold out. So, dear reader, would you face such a nice dinner?