Acetaminophen Can Cure Broken Heart

According to a publication in the Daily Mail, Paracetamol (medically used to relieve pain) is also capable of healing a "broken" heart. According to the report, neuroscientists have found that emotional and physical pain are processed in the same region of the brain.

This way, by taking a painkiller, the person can relieve feelings that are bothering him. The experiment that proved this hypothesis was conducted over three weeks at the University of California, USA. In it, 62 people were told to take Tylenol or a placebo and then write down how they felt.

The study found that those who took 1, 000 mg of the painkiller (about two pills) had a considerable reduction in "hurt feelings". In another test, participants used a computer game that was designed to make them feel rejected.

The result showed that the group of people who used the painkiller had less activity in relation to pain in their brains than the participants who took the placebo.