Paradox: First born twin is younger than his brother

Little Samuel was born at 1:39 am on the last Sunday (6). His twin brother Ronan came into the world 31 minutes later, but is "older". How can this be? The unusual case happened in Cape Cod, United States, and has a very curious explanation: the end of summer time!

By the time Ronan was born at 2:10, daylight saving time had just ended, so the clock came back one hour. Thus, officially, he was recorded as being born at 1:10 am, while his brother, who was born first, has the certificate that came into the world at 1:39 am. Confused, huh?

"I said earlier that night that they would be born on two different days or that the time change would come into play, " said Seth Peterson, the boy's father. The Cape Cod maternity hospital shared the story on Facebook, while Nurse Deb Totten, who has worked with this for over 40 years, said she had never seen anything like it.

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