Skydiver plunges off a 305 meter high cliff [video]

This was not the first parachute jump of Matthew Gough's life, who had experienced the sensation of free falling another 180 times. What would make this leap different from all the others, however, was a defect in equipment, which insisted on not opening when Gough had already jumped.

The nightmare of a free fall at 18 meters per second on a 305 meter high cliff in Italy was filmed by a camera strapped to Gough's helmet. Amazingly, even though he hit several rocks before he hit the ground, he suffered only a few scratches on his knees and ankles.

The 25-year-old's jumping mode is base jumping, which uses not so high places as a starting point. In this case, the parachute used by practitioners is smaller than indicated for jumps of higher heights.

After spending a brief time at the hospital, Gough returned home and explained that the problem happened because the parachute ropes tangled, making it impossible to open the material. Watch the video below and check out the moments of pure luck and agony experienced by this adventurer: