It seems that dinosaurs were far less threatening than we thought

When you think of a dinosaur, which of these images pops into your mind: an amazing and threatening being or a Pixar character that could grace your young child's room?

Well, after years of seeing representations of dinosaurs like the kings of the earth - at least at that time - this new reenactment came to break some of this image of “bad guys” we created in movie years.

Scientists used a fossil found in China to assemble a life-size 3D model that was considered the most natural and realistic of all time.

The fossil of a Cretaceous Psittacosaurus that lived some 120 million years ago was studied by Jakob Vinther, professor at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. Along with his colleagues, he worked on a complete skeleton that kept fossilized soft tissues, a very rare finding. Even some skin pigments and the cloaca remained intact.

Since not everything is easy, the fossil was well smashed, so researchers had to carefully measure bones and study scales to preserve muscle structure. Only then was the model created.

What did you think of this representation?