Ducks turn green because of pollution of the Atibaia River, in the interior of SP

The untreated sewage discharged into the Atibaia River, at the Salto Grande Dam, in Americana (SP), made the ducks that inhabit the site acquire the green color in their plumage. Normally white, the feathers of the birds have been dyed with excessive multiplication of algae and cyanobacteria, which release toxins and contaminate water.

Cyanobacteria are also harmful to man, causing symptoms such as headache, abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting if contaminated water is ingested, and skin rash, swelling of the lips and asthma, among others, in case of contact.

The possibility of accelerated reproduction of microorganisms had been debated for four years. To solve the problem, it is necessary that all cities that use the Atibaia River as sewage disposal treat their waste properly.

Via At a glance