Injection dread? Scientists develop needle-free device

Fear of needles affects many people, and there are even studies on what to do to suffer less when taking an injection. But the problem with needles is not just about fear. Despite all the control and care, several diseases are still accidentally transmitted through them.

The good news, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is that needle injections may be days off. Scientists in the institute's mechanical engineering department have developed a device that allows drugs to be injected without the use of needles through the use of magnetic energy.

The new technology creates a pressure jet that causes a tiny opening in the skin, the diameter of a mosquito's proboscis - the structure they use to bite - through which the medicine is sent into the bloodstream. In addition, injected substances do not have to be in their liquid form, as the device also allows powdered drugs to be applied.

The video above explains in detail how the new device works, with images and graphics. To enable subtitles, simply click on the “cc” menu button.

Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology