Prank? Stuffed tiger scares population in South Korea

We know that police officers often deal closely with crime, which makes them face danger situations on a daily basis. But what to do when one of these danger situations turns into a major embarrassment?

That's exactly what happened in Busan City, South Korea, when local police got a call to alert them that a tiger was loose in front of Geumgang Park. Fearful of the population being at risk, the officers promptly answered the call.

Image Source: Reproduction / Rocket News

When they arrived at the park, the team spotted the animal lying in the shade of a tree and took the precaution of observing it for some time before acting. No one could tell where the feline had come from or escaped from a zoo.

After much observation, the police noticed that there was something wrong with the situation, after all, the animal did not move an inch the whole time they were there. Of course, the fake tiger that was abandoned under the tree would never leave the place.

Image Source: Reproduction / Rocket News

Upon closer inspection, the officers discovered that the beast was actually a huge stuffed animal full of very realistic details. The good news is that for obvious reasons no one got hurt. But it was not possible to find out if this whole situation was created by chance by someone who dropped the toy in front of the park or if it was really a good prank.