Little miracle: cat found alive under rubble 5 days after earthquake

Last week, an earthquake struck Italy and killed nearly 300 people. In this kind of tragedy, little is said about the animals that die or lose their owners. However, news has moved Italian rescue teams on Tuesday: 5 days after the quake, a kitten was found alive under the rubble of her former home.

In the city of Amatrice, one of the worst affected by the earthquake, Daniela Tursini managed to flee her home before she came down. In the rush, the Italian could not find her kitten Gioia before her house turned a pile of rubble. Since then, she has been looking for her incessantly, always asking the fire brigade for help.

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“My house is gone, and my cat is all I have left, ” begged Daniela. Gioia, meaning “joy” in Italian, was rescued alive and without any injuries. The white and gray cat was tucked under planks and twisted metal, showing only signs of dehydration. She was found while a backhoe was removing piles of rubble.

The NGO Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali is assisted by several volunteer veterinarians in the rescue and rescue of animals during the tragedy. To date, over 300 have been saved, mostly dogs and cats, but a couple of turtles and even a cow in labor have also been found!

Gioia gets firefighter's water after being rescued: she was uninjured but showing signs of dehydration