Nightmare: Watch 19cm Worm Removed From Human Eye [video]

When we stop to think about disgusting animals, most of us imagine large or poisonous or simply disgusting beings like scorpions, rats, cockroaches and spiders. However, reality can often be more cruel than our worst nightmares, and it also has threats so small and sneaky that they can only be noticed when they will give us the greatest possible distress.

This is precisely the case of the African Eye Worm (also known as the worm loa loa), a parasite that is primarily found in West African countries and infects millions of people every year. Larvae are transmitted through mosquito bites and feed on their hosts' blood, developing under the skin and constantly migrating from one body part to another.

Even with their continuous movement and the small itchiness that causes itchiness under the skin, infected people hardly realize that they are giving a lift to these little beings - at least until they decide to wander inside their eyes. Upon entering the eyeball, worms usually do not cause vision impairment, but give rise to severe pain and irritation.

Strong scenes

There is already a wide range of treatment options available for those infected with African Eye Worm, and doctors' favorite choice is to administer a drug called diethylcarbamazine. In some extreme cases, however, surgery may be required to remove the parasite.

If you have a strong stomach, see how this procedure is done in the following video, which shows the removal of a 19 cm worm from a host's eye. Warning: the scenes are worthy of nightmares, so be warned!