Tinder Survey Reveals Brazilians Love Gringo Accents

Since Tinder has released the Passport tool, which allows you to geo-locate anywhere in the world, more and more Brazilian users are crossing the borders of the world to meet new people. This is what the survey conducted with more than 35, 500 people who use the app in five Latin American countries, including Brazil.

The main reason that generates interest in the gringos is the accent - both for men (78.4%) and for women (75%). “Accents can be sexy because they suggest the idea of ​​being different and intriguing. Psychological research indicates that the mystery can be very attractive both at the beginning and during a romantic relationship, ”explains Dr. Jess Carbino, a Tinder sociologist.

Another survey data proves the attractiveness of foreign accent: 26% of women who responded to the survey relate to foreigners they met at Tinder. Among men, the rate is 15%. When asked about the main benefit of relating to outsiders, both genres agree that it is the opportunity to learn about a new culture, art, cuisine and cinema.

Even with so many possibilities on the map, the answer about the suitor's favorite country does not split opinions, as 33% of men and 39% of women would like to relate to someone from the United States. If they had to choose a Latin American country, Argentina would prefer it, with 44% of men and 43% of Brazilian women being chosen.

Brazilian with great pride, with much love

But despite all the enchantment of the accent that comes from outside, the Brazilian ginga still reigns. “More than 50% of men and women prefer to date someone who has the same cultural background. In Brazil, the language barrier and the understanding of cultural nuances are considered the main difficulties associated with the relationship with a foreigner ”, contextualizes Dr. Jess Carbino.

The study also uncovered the main goals of Brazilian Passport users:

  • Meet people from different places
  • Meet people on the eve of a trip
  • Date a romantic couple

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