Higher education people tend to fail driving tests, you know that?

A recent study, released by The Independent, found that people with college degrees or graduate degrees are more likely to fail driving tests.

The bizarre conclusion was made based on the analysis of 1, 564 UK drivers. The results revealed that 59% of people without college degrees passed the tests in the first attempt - among those with higher education, this rate dropped to 51%.

People who work in the arts, however, seem to perform better than people who study math and science: the first group took an average of 1.9 attempts to pass exams; The exact crowd needed 2.3 attempts.

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Data analysis also revealed that 6 out of 10 people without professional qualifications passed the tests in the first attempt, with an average of 1.7 attempts to complete the entire process. Half of those with a high school education equivalent passed the exams first, with an average of 1.8 attempts.

Among college students, 48% passed first grade, and among graduate students, this rate was 47%. Driving expert Charlotte Fielding reminds us, however, that it doesn't matter how many times a person has to try to get his driver's license - what counts is that person's skills behind the wheel, as well as his knowledge of traffic rules.

According to Dr. Lee Hadlington, the relationship between educational qualifications and improved driving tests may have to do with the fact that people without direct access to education end up having to develop more roles related to process and motor skills, and it helps them to drive.