Mayonnaise Flavor Popsicle Launches in Japan

Launched in Japan last September 23 by Morinaga Dairy Co., Ltd., the Calory Monster Chelio Creamy Mayonnaise Flavor is the first "creamy mayonnaise" flavored popsicle. In fact, mayonnaise comes on top of a white chocolate filling and under a chocolate cookie topping. In addition, under such a name, a high amount of calories was expected to exceed 300 kcal in the new product.

The Popsicle

The packaging reads "creamy mayonnaise flavor" and just below, "Japan's first! Mayonnaise flavor popsicle".

At the bottom of the pack is an illustration with a strong, mysterious pot-headed creature that, squeezed, releases the words "rich in high calories." Below the character you can read "307 kcal", a very high value compared to other company flavors.

The name "mayonnaise" as an ingredient already appeared on the label of other popsicles and ice cream, as well as "white chocolate topping", "dairy products" and "sugar".

It looks like an ordinary popsicle, but when cut across, the chocolate icing with cookies comes over a filling with yellow mayonnaise and white chocolate.

The sensations

When eating, the crunchy feel of the chocolate icing and the crunchy texture of the cookies are accentuated. At first what you feel is the sweetness of the chocolate icing, but as soon as the ice melts in your mouth, the taste of mayonnaise gradually comes out. And its peculiar acidity is clearly present until the residual taste is almost entirely mayonnaise.

However, what softens the characteristic acidity is the white chocolate placed inside. Calory Monster Chelio Creamy Mayonnaise Flavor is a popsicle that can be tasted like a chocolate ice cream with a different flavor of ice cream called mayonnaise.

Calory Monster Chelio Creamy Mayonnaise Flavor has been marketed in convenience stores and supermarkets throughout Japan since September 23, 2019. The suggested retail price is 140 yen, just over $ 5. A set of 24 packages can be purchased at for 4580 yen, or $ 174.