Race driver almost kills unsuspecting journalist [video]

Last year we posted here at Mega Curioso a story about a prank where American driver Jeff Gordon - four-time NASCAR champion - went out to test drive a Camaro and scared the soul of the car salesman who accompanied him. All of the action was part of a Pepsi campaign to publicize the brand, but despite the genius, as soon as the video hit the internet, the folks at the Jalopinik website revealed that it was just a hoax.

According to the Jalopinik team, Jeff Gordon did not drive the car and the joke salesman was just an actor, just like all the people in the movie. The site even posted an article in which it dealt with numerous discrepancies that supported the accusation that everything was fake, and who "subscribed" to the report was Travis Okulski. Back to the present ...

Jeff Gordon disguised as a taxi driver Image Source: Reproduction / Jalopinik

Behold, Jeff Gordon - who must not have liked Travis's story very much - decides to take revenge, and rides the biggest prank on the reporter. Recreating the same mood as Pepsi's first test drive, Gordon adopts the personality of a taxi driver who has just been released from prison after serving 10 years, information that he releases as one who wants nothing while chatting with his innocent passenger.

After driving a few blocks, Gordon-taxi driver spots a car in the rearview mirror and reveals to unsuspecting Travis that he gets very nervous in the presence of police officers. Then the siren starts ringing and the officer signals that they pull over. This is where the reporter's nightmare begins, and you can watch this sensational prank unfold - or better to say revenge - in the following video:

You can enable automatic subtitles in Portuguese in the video menu, although the images speak for themselves!